Offroad Outlaws: A Rundown For Game Update 4.9.1

Battle Creek Games, the developers behind Offroad Outlaws, have recently released the latest Game Update 4.9.1. Fans of the game have been waiting for this update since it is known to include new vehicles and ornaments. But what vehicles are players expecting to get from update 4.9.1? Let us have a quick rundown of these three and four-wheeled machines that were made available in the update.

New Trucks For Difficult Terrains

First off, the newly available trucks are the 90s Second Generation Dodge Ram that can be bought for $20,000 in-game currency or 500 Gold. There is also the Mercedes 6×6 that costs $40,000 in-game currency or 100 Gold, the Ford Bronco 2020 which costs $25,000 in-game currency or 125 Gold.

These trucks have varying handling, speed, and customizable components that players can tinker with after purchase. The Mercedes 6×6 in particular has a unique truck design since it runs on six wheels instead of the conventional 4×4 trucks.


offroad outlaws new truck

Image Source: Hillbilly Offroading


This can lead to some interesting interactions with different terrain and how well this vehicle can traverse through them. Specifically, muddy areas and rocky terrain are interesting areas to test these new vehicles. Furthermore, the Mercedes 6×6 can be upgraded to have tracks on its front and rear wheels for 50 Gold each. This allows it more stability and more traction to cross rugged terrain at the expense of speed.

New Quad Bike & SxS

For Quad Bikes, update 4.9.1 introduces the new Honda Big Red Three-wheeler which costs $10,000 in-game currency or 50 Gold. Meanwhile, the new SxS Can Am Maverick can be purchased for $20,000 or 100 Gold. There is also the standard Golf Cart that costs $40,000 in-game currency or 200 Gold, as well as the Yamaha Viking at $20,000 or 100 Gold. The 2021 RZR 1000 is also available for $15,000 or 75 Gold.

For players who enjoy riding around in SxS vehicles, these new additions will provide more variety to the current roster in the game. As with the trucks, these SxS can be modified and repainted to the player’s liking. In terms of handling, their stock components will behave as you would expect as any conventional SxS should.


offroad outlaws quad update


The addition of the Honda Big Red is a fun one since it runs on three wheels. In terms of traction and handling, it can prove to be tricky at points. For those who fancy offroad motorcycles as well as quad bikes, the Big Red is a quirky option sandwiched between them. Overall, the addition of these new vehicles will add more variety to the types of machines players can tweak and drive around in the game.

New Accessories & Add-Ons

In terms of new accessories and add-ons, update 4.9.1 sees the addition of a new blower that can be purchased and placed on trucks for $1000. There are also new rear bumper options, roll cages, and other stuff you can mod to your favorite vehicle.

There is also a new antenna feature that players can install in several areas of their vehicles. Players can also determine how long they want the antenna to be. The antenna’s topper can also be changed according to the player’s preference. They can choose a classic or conventional look, or go for a more zany or outlandish topper design.

New Tool Boxes are also included in update 4.9.1. These make for even more customization options for players who can’t get enough of calibrating their favorite vehicles.

Bug Fixes & Roll Coal Option

As for the gameplay, update 4.9.1 sees more quality of life updates and bug fixes. This is in the form of smoother graphics, as well as less animation clipping for most vehicles. The add-ons will also behave more realistically whenever the truck, ATV, or quad bike rolls through terrain.

For those who want to rev their vehicle and do a Roll Coal, update 4.9.1 finally makes this possible. Pressing this button while driving will make your vehicle rev its engine and belch out black smoke from its exhaust pipe. The update aims to improve the overall gameplay experience for players. With new vehicles and add-ons, as well as quality of life fixes, it’s going to be a fun 2021 for Offroad Outlaw players.