Offroad Outlaws Builds – The Most Realistic Set up For Trucks

Rough terrains and mud, that’s what you get when you play Offroad Outlaws by Battle Creek Games. It’s one of the most explosive racing games, where you get to use the best trucks to drag into nature. It has everything you want and need in an off-road game and so much more! You get complete control of the trucks you get to use.

In addition, you get the chance to customize them to your heart’s desire fully! In fact, there are tons of off road outlaws that you can try and copy onto your trucks.Offroad Outlaws builds offer multiplayer gameplay where you’re allowed to explore the trails on an open-world map. You can also enjoy the capture the map mode, where you and your friends can race against the rocky and muddy terrains with your friends.

The best of all is that you can build your rig the way you want it, and no one can stop you. You have total control of your truck, from the chassis to the suspension. So what are you waiting for? Check out the different realistic builds we have curated for you right here, and see if you want these on your truck too. You can also catch some strategy on how to play the game here.

Realistic Truck Builds You Need to See

One of the hottest features of Offroad Outlaws is that you’re given the creative freedom to customize your trucks. You can even make them into realistic trucks that you see in real life, or maybe just like what your dad owns! So if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some realistic truck builds you might want to check out.

Raptor Baja Build

The Raptor is one of the first trucks in Offroad Outlaws Builds, which goes a long way back. But what we have is a realistic Raptor Baja build. This kind of build can be seen on the trails all the time, so it’s as realistic as it can get. It will have high clearance fenders, long-travel suspensions, and 37 to 39-inch tires.


Raptor Baja


So first, you have to get your upgrades done. You have to do the diesel swap to be appropriately fast, and it will get your torque up. It has a trophy-type heavy-duty suspension on both front and back. The tires will have an axis width of 0.3 and a damping of 3800. It also has some independent reservoir coil-over and an excellent bypass. This type of build is perfect for dessert runs.

The Bro-Dozer

The Bro-Dozer is basically a chopped heavy duty with crane axles. So it will require monster suspensions but in crawler style. It won’t be a monster truck, but it will have monster suspensions as a base in max. Then chop the bed off and add a cage. At the same time, make sure to cut the fenders out. There’s already a rack slider at the top, which is like a part of the cage. Also, it has a light bar at the front.


Silver & Black Truck


In the real world, it ran Baja claws with a working bed. It has stinger of sorts. So you need to look for that design as close as it can get to the stinger. The rim size of the wheels should be 1.1 on both front and back, and the wheel radius is about 1.8 on both front and back too.

Silver & Black Four-Door Second Gen

First, you have to grab one of your second gens and use it as the tow rigs. It will also have a push-style bumper readily available in Offroad Outlaws. Change the paint to silver and black to copy Diesel Brother’s four-door second-gen car. The truck itself will be glossy black as the base, and then the silver decals all over.


Silver & Black Truck


It will be a bit difficult since it requires a lot of layering to get the same style as Diesel Brothers. The wheel size is a bit lower, with only a radius of 1.1. So it’s a little less than a monster truck. Suspensions are solid axle Pro with a travel of about 0.59 only.

Offroad Outlaws Builds

Realistic builds are hard to achieve, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the different off-road trucks. But Offroad Outlaws builds will help you become familiarized with the various trucks you can customize. That’s one of the best features of Offroad Outlaws, and it helps you experiment with your taste and what you like. If you’re a big fan of trucks, then the customization option is going to be a heaven-sent because it offers creativity for those who want to create their very own realistic trucks.

Offroad Outlaws Final Thoughts

Check out the realistic builds above if you think you’re ready to play Offroad Outlaws. These are a great starting point for those looking to have a fun off-road race with friends or by themselves. Explore those rough terrains with some of the best trucks that can withstand being smashed around on the side of the mountains!