Offroad Outlaws Free Play on PC – Why It’s So Unique

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Offroad Outlaw Green Truck


Racing games have always been linear when it comes to the gameplay. The goal is still the same: you finish; first, you win the match. However, some players feel like this formula is going out of style because of its monotony. Fortunately, Offroad Outlaws PC changes all that. From its initial point of view, you would say that Offroad Outlaws is nothing but just another dirt racing.

It’s not a racing game but rather an open-world car collecting game with two great perks: customization and vehicle management. While this is not anything new since the debut of Need for Speed Underground, Offroad Outlaws manages to make it fun and enjoyable with its plethora of customization options.

Dirt Racing at Its Finest

The game separates itself from many other racing games. Its core gameplay is going through race tracks on rigged roads, bulky hillsides, and plowing through the desert. Its main concoction of vehicles is among the best parts of the game. You get to choose from various trucks, crawlers, SxS, dune buggies, bikes, and hotrods. Although you can pick whichever vehicle you want, unfortunately, there is no mixed division racing series.

With that, you are not allowed to battle with various vehicles in one race. They are all segregated based on their vehicle types. Nonetheless, the driving here feels smooth and natural even if you play with some of the most simplistic controls ever created for a racing game.

Glorious Customization and Management Options

Remember when everyone was blown away with Need for Speed Underground’s unique car customization? This game has that too, but instead of the streets, you do so in the countryside. No, there are no stereotypical hillbilly themes here; the options of customizing your car is impressive thanks to the clear choices from top to bottom. Another unique perk of the game is collecting parts, which you can earn through winning games.

Besides customization, you can also manage your vehicle’s overall look and performance after specific usage from a previous race. Of course, you will have to clean it from mud, check the oil, observe any damages, and even swap parts.

These make races more immersive and challenging rather than going for a more linear approach. If you do not manage your car, it eventually performs poorly on the next match. This little sense of realism adds a new gameplay dimension, making Offroad Outlaws feel unique versus other racing games. Download the game here and play it on your PC for free!