Offroad Outlaws PC – Dirt Rally Comparison Free Game Online

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Offroad Outlaws for PC has always been one of the most sought free to play racing games right after Asphalt. The players prefer this game because of its excellent off-road racing and its intensive customization – a feature that not many F2P racers have. It also feels amicable for free players since you can unlock pretty much everything in the game without ever having to pay. Overall, it’s a great casual game, and we would like to compare it to another high-quality game found on PC: Dirt Rally. It may seem unfair to compare the two, but we will still go with it just because both are off-road racers.


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Why Compare It to Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is a game released on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam in 2015. It was highly considered one of the best racing games ever made for the past ten years. To this day, many players still prefer it as their go-to game for intense racing, realistic visuals, and even more natural sound design.

Dirt is a racing game series by Codemasters and Rally is a different game from the main series. Uniquely enough, many players consider Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0 as the better series than Codemasters’ mainline. This point is because of its off-road sprints and circuits that make it exceptional compared to other triple-A racing games.

It features officially licensed cars and real people behind real-life rally circuits. Still, it is also one of the most well-made racing games ever made. Even if released in 2015, it still holds up as one of the most beautiful looking games around – arguably even better than what Dirt Rally 2.0 and Dirt 4 look.


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Major Difference with Offroad Outlaws

First off, it does not have an elaborate customization mode like Offroad Outlaws. It’s all because you can only unlock pre-made cars with light configuration every time you progress through the career mode. Another aspect to point out is the roster of vehicles. Dirt Rally exclusively has various rally cars, while Offroad Outlaws leans more to the crazy side of racing with countryside vehicles.

And then, of course, you have the overall presentation. It’s a given that Dirt Rally looks much better thanks to a triple-A developer. Still, Offroad Outlaws is good on its own – mostly as a free to play game made by a small group of game developers. Enjoy the game by downloading and playing Offroad Outlaws on your PC now!