How to Play Offroad Outlaws PC – Racing Game For Free

Offroad Outlaw PC is a fun-filled racing game where you get to dominate the countryside with your excellent vehicles. While the game is considered a racer, a lot of the gameplay comes in its vehicle customization – a staple in the game, you should note. It’s one of the best parts of the game, which separates it from other racing games. If you are looking to know how to play Offroad Outlaws, you have come to the right place.

Offroad Outlaw Speed


Basic Controls

Before you get started, you should at least know how car games work. As such, Offroad Outlaws includes a control layout similar to other free to play racing games. All you need here is the directional pad – which you can either assign to the WASD keys or the Up, Down, Left, Right keys (both work, it just depends on your preference). Up is acceleration or gas, Down is throttle or brakes, Left and Right are, well, steer left and right.

You do not need any tricky keys to remember for the customization and navigation since most of them are a point and click. What you should remember, however, is that you can rotate the camera by dragging the left click on your mouse towards the left or right part of your screen.


The races in this game are nothing to consider since they are all the necessary modes: circuit, sprint, and drag. A course is the default type of race where drivers have to finish a series of laps.

Offroad Outlaw Green Pushing Truck

Sprint is a long stretch of road that drivers must take and get to the finish line first. Drag is a one-on-one competition where you versus another driver aiming to get the fastest speed as possible and get to the finish line first. There are no extensively strategic tracks to take note of since they are all quite linear. Just remember that some paths have large elevations while others are more slippery.

Both offline and online, races get set with four players. The first to get to the finish line wins. However, getting to the first in line can be quite challenging since the game’s AI is built to wreck you down. You can go dirty in this game like bumping off opponents from the side of the tracks, gain their speed from behind and overtake them, or even intentionally make them crash. Oh, don’t worry, they don’t die anyway.

You can choose from various difficulties for your AI opponents. The first one might be too easy for many folks, but once you decide medium or hard, that is when things are different. We recommend going with Medium as this is the default difficulty of the game.

Online Races

Most of the parts in the game are held in the online mode. Here, you will find thousands of players waiting to get into a match. There are no MMR matchmaking here, though, so don’t let your guard down and be prepared for long-time players who have extensive map knowledge in every track.

There are no ranked modes here, so don’t sweat about any tryhard players. Everyone here is just looking for a good time. But hey, if you want to get competitive, you can do so with the world leaderboard and see how it finishes the tracks the fastest. Do you think you have what it takes to get there?

Car Collection & Management

Another half of Offroad Outlaws is the collection of vehicles. There are five categories to choose from: trucks, crawlers, quads, bikes, and buggies. Trucks are the most standard type of vehicle in the game and the best entry for beginners. Crawlers are small dune buggies that are fast yet so light that they can hurl so high up in the air when you go top speed on a ramp or hill. Quads are motorbikes with four wheels, also known as an APV. Bikes are specifically motocross bikes built for mud and other non-asphalt roads.

Offroad Outlaw Blue Truck

On the other side, SxS are specialized hotrods great for asphalt circuits and dirt thanks to the massive wheels and dune buggies – see-through car-jeep hybrids specifically made to plow through the desert. You can customize each of them with a set of parts. Earning these parts will depend on your progress in the county races. You can even manage the cleanliness of your vehicles, such as cleaning out mud and other gunk to improve their performance. Best, all vehicles in the game can get unlocked for free without ever paying with real-life money.


Of course, you have your customization. Here, you can trick out your rides with excellent grills, hoods, skirts, spoilers, colors, glasses, engines, lightings, and more. You can collect more throughout the game as long as you keep on winning races.

Download Offroad Outlaws in Your PC

While it may seem challenging to collect and try Offroad Outlaws, downloading the PC game is not that complicated. This site will allow you to download the game for free, too! So, start your action-packed adventure. Play Offroad Outlaws today!