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Offroad Outlaw Running Truck


Offroad Outlaws PC is a racing game best for people who want to play a new arcade driving with a simulation hint. By arcade driving, we mean 50% of the game while the other half goes to the customization. Yes, customization is as crucial as the races you win in. Here are some of the facts about Offroad Outlaws for PC.

Half Driving, Half Wandering

To drive cars, you will need to explore the glorious all-American county. Here, you will find a ton of abandoned vehicles that you can collect. Don’t underestimate them as junk; they are the key to your ride. After all, the name of the game here is catch-a-ride. Get a vehicle of your choice, fix it up with parts found in the town and turn it into a speedy beast on the race tracks.

About This Version

This edition of Offroad Outlaws is not officially by Battle Creek Games. Instead, this game is an up-to-date PC port made by fans to make it convenient for you to play on PC. It even includes a high resolution, full-on PC controls, and a set of customizable settings to make the game feel more personalized to your liking.